Why Become an AR (Authorised Representative) with Sphere Insurance Group?

Being an Authorised Representative of Sphere Insurance Group allows you to work the hours that suit you, and own your own business. We do not own your clients*, you do. In addition, most aggregates keep between 15% to 30% of your commission in exchange for allowing you to work for them and use their Australian Financial Services Licence. They also often charge you a large fee to join them. At Sphere Insurance Group, we keep less than half that amount, meaning that you earn more commission for doing the same amount of work, and allow you to grow your business at a pace that you are comfortable with, while also providing you support when you need it, as our Leadership Team has experience in all levels of insurance and business management.

Being an Authorised Representative of an Australian Financial Services Licensee is the most rewarding, efficient and effective way to be an insurance broker, without spending tens of thousands of dollars to obtain your own AFS Licence, not to mention the difficulty in obtaining an AFSL, and the months of preparation that you would need to do in order to do so.

A further benefit to working with Sphere Insurance Group is the large amount of Australian Insurers and Underwriters at our disposal. We have trading agreements in place with over 200 Australian Insurers and Underwriters, ensuring that we can accommodate for the varying needs of your clients. At Sphere Insurance Group you will have also have access to Mortgage and other broking specialty products including Premium Funding for your clients via Arteva Funding. We also pay weekly unlike many other aggregate groups in Australia.

Finally, we take our Compliance seriously. We do this to ensure that you, the broker, are providing your clients with the service they deserve, and this is a responsibility that we take very seriously. Our Compliance requirements have been structured to protect both yourself and the client from risk of litigation. Further to the above, we also have a Professional Indemnity insurance scheme with affordable rates to protect you from risk of financial burden associated with litigation.

*your clients, customers are always yours subject to your AR / Sub-AR Agreement when joining Sphere.

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